Oct 22, 2019
NitroNeedle (All reviews)
Normally, I can't stand stuff like NTR, and Mind-break isn't my thing either, mainly due to how those tend to automatically be "Bad End" kinks, which just kills the mood for me. However with this one, it turned out to be shockingly pleasant, and even sweet, in using them!

Written by the same guy who did Taimanin Asagi and Kangoku Senkan, it feels like the writer wanted to use some of his familiar kinks, but actually have a happy ending to it.

Souma, our lucky protagonist has a childhood friend/next-door neighbor/big-sister figure in Kazama. As the two have grown up, she's become his teacher and he's developed feelings for her. But they've also grown somewhat distant, not communicating like they used to. So, Souma's decided to sneak her a love letter to confess his feelings.

Enter our first girl, Rin Kazama: professional, stern, and has a slight stick up her ass. (not unlike a number of other protagonist women the author's written). She brings up the love letter (not stating who it's from), and rips it up in front of the whole class to signify her answer.

He goes to express his frustrations to the nurse, Hazaki Mizushiro, who has her own feelings for Souma. From there, the plot follows a number of story beats and kinks that would be associated with Taimanin and/or Senkan, but they're creatively used with surprisingly wholesome results. Now, that doesn't mean it doesn't have some darker elements--force, coercion, getting caught and a bit mind-influencing. But none of the characters are evil, selfish, or cruel, in fact there's a surprising level of selflessness and empathy in these three characters. It's not a mean-spirited NTR or GTR hentai, it's more along the lines of these people breaking through the inhibitions of their school roles to truly connect with each other.

Again, its like the writer for Taimanin Asagi wanted to write a similar plot, but have a happy ending.

The animation and art is quite nice. It's clean, expressive, and fits the tone nicely. It's not as fluid, or 'visceral' as Taimanin, but the kinks aren't as extreme, either. No tentacles, or watersports, or anything like that. It feels like a slightly softer version of Taimanin Asagi. The protagonist himself has a visual softness, and I think his eyes are the biggest among the three. They also don't do as much of the cliche where his eyes are lost in shadows, or deliberately obscured just to help project yourself onto him.

Sound is good overall. Nothing was obtrusive. Voice acting seemed reasonable, and occasionally got more compelling (At least as far as the sub goes). The music, for what little there is, does a good job at conveying the relaxed atmosphere, with the underlying romance of the story.

Overall, this was a fun little hentai, that works well at blending the risky, raunchy aspects of Taimanin Asagi, with a wholesome story.