Oct 22, 2019
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
I feel like this anime didn't even know what this anime was. There was a lot going on, and not a whole hell of a lot came out of it, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna review this one; let's just go with why it wasn't a hit for me.

The story and plot was nonexistent, to me. There was one thing the story had going for it in a consistent manner, and that was the idea of finding this person that the main character had lost touch with, and nothing was done with that plot point for 97% of the anime. I guess another to say it is that Karneval had zero direction. The positive points I'll note for the story is where it was hinted to go at the end of the final episode. Which is... not a lot to go on, but the set up for it was one of the more interesting things I watched.

As for my gripes about the characters, most of them were flat; the few that weren't were not developed properly at all. For example, I saw characters having personal revelations that weren't hinted at at all before they happened. A couple of the characters' relationships, though, did peak my interest, although they weren't explored properly at all.

To harp more on the messiness, the sequence of events and the overall tone of the anime made everything feel forced. There seemed to be things I was supposed to find important, but rather than convince me that they were, the narrative just shoved it in my face without much more to go on. Similarly, there were things that I did find important to the story that weren't ever covered beyond mentioning them. As an example, I could use-- oh, I don't know-- the entire Karneval universe itself. There was so much by way of fantasy mechanics and abilities that was never at all explained. Most of the time, I didn't get what was happening because of that.

I did see potential for *something* in Karneval, but whatever it was was more or less washed away by how convoluted it felt. As I said, there were characters I liked seeing on screen together, and I think the rest of the story might be interesting, but it just wasn't enough for me to give this anime a high rating. Without proper backstory of the Circus, the antagonists, their history, the protagonists, etc., it just wasn't doing for me. Plus, the fight scenes were kinda crap, which isn't something I'd want to see from an anime in the action genre. It may be something you find endearing, but ultimately, Karneval was just a way for me to pass the time.