Oct 22, 2019
SparksTheGod (All reviews)
Alright so first of all, this anime is gonna be very hard to comprehend due to how deep it is. In order to fully understand it you would normally need to pay real close attention. That is to fully understand you don't rlly need to. This anime is fucking godlike and probably one of my favorite animes of all time. The anime is about this loner, Hachiman, who has a dark, embarassing history in middle school and due to that he has no friends and chooses not to socialize with other people and simply observes. Because of this, Hachiman has grown to understand the actions of people very well. I wanna say more like social interactions and behaviors. As punishment for writing something edgy on an essay he is forced to join the volunteers club where he and another girl helps other people with their problems.

There is so much to say about this anime. All the characters are beautifully well done, they each have their own ideals and they just feel so alive. They feel like actual people in our world. Many of the characters are relatable and when you watch this anime a lot of times you think "oh yeah that happens to me or people around me". The character development for the main 3 characters are also splendid, they will grow and eventually understand what they want and break free from the restraints holding them down. The main problems seen are Hachiman "sacrificing" himself in order to solve some problems and this angers the other two members being Yukino and Yui. Yukino has the problem of feeling inferior to her older sister and tries desperately to live up to those standards. Yui plays also a huge role in the anime. Eventually, along the whole anime you feel this intensity that makes you wonder "how will they solve those problems or will they even solve it?"

I'd say probably one of the best parts of this anime is the main character, Hikigaya Hachiman. His thoughts are always very emo and sort of depressing but they are all very realistic. He tries to read in between the lines and is able to come up the "best" solutions to problems. He is a lot different from your normal MC who usually have this weird sense of justice supported by not much. Hachiman learns from his past traumas to realize that how the other person is acting may have some other some kind of meaning to it. The anime is this roller coaster journey with its ups and downs with satisfying conclusions and by satisfying I mean hella satisfying, just wait till the ending of season 1. This anime will always brings its surprises and interesting elements with it. Highly recommended 10/10

Both openings are very lovely, second one is definitely better.