Oct 21, 2019
supedeglupe (All reviews)
I personally think this Gundam is the most successful of all of them. Because it is so different. It gave me the atmosphere I truly desired, getting to appreciate humans living in harmony with earth. The pacing and adventure of this Gundam is also unparalleled. I didn't have to see someone being deployed or read drab dialogue in a war room every episode to still love it. The abundance of characters were not a jumbled mess like most of the Gundam series.

While characters do feel very one dimensional or whiny and confusing in most of the series, (i guess for children to easily understand,) comparably these characters felt nurtured and mature. Not just in terms of personality and likability, but motives, resolves, even their levels of intelligence and self-awareness. This show also was not a sob fest killing all the main characters like they normally resort to. This is probably my favorite with 08th MS team, maybe even more so. This was also the end of the timeline. And rightfully so. I definitely recommend this series!!