Oct 21, 2019
Jordichis (All reviews)
No spoilers


This is the story of love and rebirth of a family.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could get out of reality and create your own world together with the people you love?
Kyousogiga tells us the adventure of Koto, a young woman who enters an alternative and charming world looking for something in particular, a place full of supernatural beings, ruled by a monk, a demon and a priest, the adventure of a complex family.
The series touches on family values ​​and demands of reality.
The moment the series progresses, the mysteries of why and how it becomes increasingly intriguing makes you wonder, it shows us how things work and we are coupled with what is suspended in that world, it has a unique history.
The animation is not bad is coupled with the art that shows you a colorful dream world, The character's designs are good, all this gives the touch to make the story work better.

It is true that not everything is colored, a measure that advances the story has a certain narrative downturn to have few chapters that have made secondary development better,
The sound is passable but almost always unattended

as any show has its weak points as well as strong points.

If you read this do not see the chapter "zero" was like watching a summary of the series without knowing what happened.