Oct 21, 2019
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As everybody should. Spoilers ahead. didnt watch the anime Turn away! You have been warned!

This is a rpime example of how a AMAZING IDEA gets simply wasted. Atleast while I was watching I got lost a bit. As the show likes to jump in time a lot but it doesnt say it jumped so your like SO why is the Auttum village gone? OH because its been months since then AHH I see and its this shit each and every episode. The characters...Well They could be better. There actions are sometimes are pretty stupid. Sadly I had to watch it in full english so the characters sounded really generic. I dont know about the Japanese versions of the them but the Dub was pretty lame. Weird actions as I said before would be randomly walking into water to have a conversation and then get out. (Note that the clothing NEVER gets wet)
Another thing....I know they were provided A FUCK ton of food and supplies right. But I keep wondering how they managed to build SUCH nice houses. Like really sturdy ones aswell. And weird how only one group gets a pistol and ammo to it. No other shelter provided that stuff. So if you wanted the people to live in peace then why give one group guns? To me it kinda seems sort of like a Vault-Tec type of deal. Yeah they might save some people but its mostly for testing and shit. I really dont get how it works.
To sum up this all over the place review I think this had a bright future. It did. But NetFlix just said fuck it and shat it out. I wanted to see more of a survival aspect. just in general around a 7 out of the goodness of my heart really.

PS When Huro (or whatever the guys name was The Pianist ) played at that chappell He played The Morning mood.....They just took the Morning mood and put it in....Not even worrying that half of the thing is played not on The Organ (as he did in the anime) But flutes and other shit. And they later....HE SAYS THE THING DIDNT EVEN WORK SO WHAT THE FUCKING WERE YOU MASHING THE KEYS FOR...And why Hana said that she enjoyed the piece and asked what it is.....If the Organ didnt work Wtf did you hear that made you cry? Like What the bloody fuck kinda shrooms did they eat???