Oct 21, 2019
Lyngmo (All reviews)
‘’Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku’’ or ‘’Death March’’ is one of the most unique anime I have ever watched.

In what ways was this anime unique you may ask? It is the only anime I have ever watched that made me physically and mentally feel pain. Watching this anime was like being tied up to an electric chair. Death March is also the only anime I have ever watched that tries to be so much at the same time but fails to be anything at all. When you finish Death March you are left with a headache and a huge void where your brain should be.

The story is about this really nice guy named Satou. His hobbies include being nice and collecting slave girls. By the end he has managed to pick up 8 different girls, with personalities ranging from incredibly annoying, to incredibly boring. Every single girl was just a copy of each other, but they annoyed me in different ways. Some of these girls made me want to cut of my ears just by opening their mouths, while others made me fall asleep just by looking at them. But one thing they all had in common was the fact that they were so bland and uninteresting that I forgot their names 10 seconds after they were introduced. Every single character in this show has a personality comparable to a rock. There is also this little thing called character development. This concept is just thrown out the window since the main character apparently is perfect from the start.

The story is sadly as bland as the characters. There is no main objective in this story. Most of the time there is a new objective each episode. Not once did I finish an episode with the thought ''I can't wait to see the next episode!'' I was just begging for this nightmare to be over as soon as possible. Watching Death March is more like a challenge. It's like walking on burning charcoal. The pain is almost unbearable, and you accomplish nothing by doing it. There is no build-up to the final episodes either. It's just another challenge the main character must overcome that effects nothing at all. There is nothing to get excited about.

Death March is supposed to be an adventure, fantasy harem. They do travel around quite a lot, and the story is set in this magical game world, so I will consider this both an adventure and fantasy anime. But where is the harem part? There are some minor ecchi scenes, but since Satou is such a nice guy, he doesn’t even touch anyone. He just smiles. Smiles and laughs. All the time. That's it. Death March does not go under the action tag, but they do try a few action scenes. Sadly, these scenes are just pathetic. They almost only consist of things like 1 single kick or dodging attacks while talking. I almost started crying when I figured out these scenes were supposed to be the most exciting part about Death March.

There is nothing special about the art or soundtrack either. The soundtrack is so forgettable I can't even remember a single tone from a single instrument from a single piece of music from this anime. And the art is almost painful to watch. The colors are just dreadful. It's like watery paint used in preschools. The characters are ugly and everything around them looks boring. I never know where my eyes are supposed to be looking since nothing interesting is ever drawing my attention.

If you find watching paint dry for hours while constantly getting hit in the head with a bat entertaining, you will probably enjoy death March. If not, don't watch it. You will get far more enjoyment out of pretty much anything else physically possible for a human to do. If season 2 ever drops I will probably commit sins that cannot be forgiven by neither my family, friends nor God.