Oct 21, 2019
Gonomon (All reviews)
Zegapain, namely how do you waste a grand potential the anime.

It's one of those shows that you will not be really liking, but watch until the end wishing that it will get better and you will see something that will make you amazed. Well in this case you will be only mildly amazed since even if story is really good the way its told just sucks.

Story: 3/10
In a Science fiction show/anime/novel/etc. i really value if the things can really happen in the world and if they have any value over fantasy because if they do not it wont be a science fiction for me its genre will be fantasy for me and i don't really like fantasy since i m into more realistic stuff. Well i am glad to say this anime is really realistic in terms of its scientific things. And the main point i watch this anime was because it was full of realistic imagination. Even though imagination is really good realization of the story is just really bad. It moves really slowly in the moments you don't want to see but it moves really fast on the ones that you want to see. Also later episodes has a feel of really odd rush on them, like you see fights and stuff a lot but they really skipped the main story elements for last few episodes.
So overall even if the idea is perfect, realization lacks a lot.

Art: 4/10
Really, there is nothing catchy about it. Battle scenes are mostly CGI and i mean i don't know if its a bad thing or not but don't expect to see really good animation here. But also don't expect to see really bad one either.

Characters: 2/10
Well i really hated characters and their relationships most of the time. It was not realistic at all. I only enjoyed to watch Arque's story and stuff but other characters were just like teenagers from a disney drama.

Enjoyment: 5/10
Even it was bad and slow in the scenes i want to be fast and vice versa, it still made me watch itself so it is good in this regard.

Sound: 6/10
Sound department is alright imo, there were nothing bad and i liked opening and ending musics a little at the first time i listened to them.

Overall: 4/10