Oct 21, 2019
Spud_Kakes (All reviews)
I loved the first three episodes of this anime! I thought they launched off the anime with a cool concept and I liked how they used the art to make it feel intense during the "love war"! However after the first three episode I felt like it lost that mood that drew me to this anime.

The characters didn't seem like geniuses anymore. The started to seem a bit more blan. However as the main couple lost their appeal to me the supporting characters grew on me. By the end of this anime I liked the supporting characters much more and didn't care as much for the main couple.

Overall 7/10. I would recommend this anime to people who like a good ol' rom-com. I wish the anime had been able to retain that intense mood it had initially but maybe they'll be able to bring it back a bit in season 2.