Oct 18, 2019
zeltron (All reviews)
In life sometimes you get bored of the hobbies you used to have as a child. Anime is one of them in my case. After being disappointed season after season with countless fast food adaptations. I decided to put a stop at my once favorite hobby.

Of course after a short 2 year hiatus you cant possibly ignore that even in that time frame at least something decent had to come out. Generally speaking most popular anime could be considered decent if only viewed on a surface level, but you're in for a surprise.

Naturally after having thoughts of going back to watching anime. I decided to check what was fairly popular these last months. Spotting Demon Slayer want difficult at all, since it had such an bulked up mean score here in MAL making it into the top 20 ranked anime in this page, So of course I was interested.

Overwhelmed in excitement and interest I went onto crunchyroll, paid a monthly subscription, and without any doubts I dived right into this series. (6PM)

After 12 hours of binge watching anime like in my old days, having completed Demon Slayer, with tired eyes, weak calves (after only having snacks for half a day) I turned off my pc, got off my chair and opened up the windows, After letting the air get in my living room I went ahead and prepared myself a meal.

After 2 hours of reflecting on what i just watched, I could only find myself with nothing but sheer disappointment and deep regret. Feeling the same way just like 2 years ago. Reminiscing on why I even went on hiatus in the first place.

Such a generic and mediocre title. with nothing new to offer is seriously being tossed around with amazing titles like Berserk and HxH? Is this the standard for an 8 and 9 nowadays? Generic writing and mediocre plot points? The soundtrack is mediocre at best, the animation is subpar, characters are so generic and forgettable.