Oct 18, 2019
Dzonatan (All reviews)
Hinomaruzumou the story of Ushio Hinomaru a sumo wrestler who aims to become a Yokozuna, little in size Hinomaru is the underdog everyone wants to win wanting to prove everyone wrong and with an incredible passion for sumo, hinomaru joins the Oodachi High sumo club and meets his awesome friends together they aim to become the best high school sumo club in the country.

So what makes this manga so good? The character development in my opinion, the character development is amazing every character is likeable and has their own backstory and reason they want to win and be the best. Over all the interaction of the characters you feel like you’re actually part of the sumo club not just a bystander. By getting to know all the characters pretty well and understanding their failures, ambitions, and aspirations you want them to win just as much as they do themselves which makes any loss that much more painful for the characters and the reader himself after seeing all the effort they put in how can you not want them to win.

Which brings me to my second point the characters are strong because of their training, having acs of the manga that focus on training and improving the characters they don’t randomly become strong, every character has to put in an effort to win against rivals seemingly impossible to beat the sumo club does everything to improve and become stronger.

The art is incredible you can feel the intensity of the fights and see just how much both of the people participating want to win. With the art capturing every detail it makes the manga journey a lot more enjoyable and helps elevate the story to new levels every move push, pull , throw etc feels real helping the reader get immersed into the story and characters easily.

Overall i really like this manga giving it a 9/10 at first i though sumo was weird two overweight males pushing each other to the ground as someone who’s not from that side of the world i never thought it would be so good throughout reading the manga I’ve developed an incredible respect for sumo and all the sumo wrestlers, seeing how much effort they put in to be the best i could only admire it I’ve even started watching real sumo enjoying it a lot. I started reading the manga after seeing the anime which i got recommended to I really enjoyed the anime(hopefully they make a season 2) in the wait for season 2 I decided to read the manga enjoying it just as much as the anime if not more for anyone wondering if you should read the manga or watch the anime and is reading my review please do it you will not regret it.