Oct 17, 2019
latias1236 (All reviews)
The Two Doctors of Darkness focuses on Black Jack competing medically with his arch nemesis Dr. Kiriko (from the older original Black Jack OVAS) while also trying to find a cure for a disease that could end the world. Rock, a character from many other Tezuka works, such as Metropolis, brings gun fights and action to the movie to make the plot a mix of medical mystery, evils of corporations, and the meanings of life and death.

Compared to the parent story (Black Jack (TV) series), the plot seems a little out of place since it is focuses heavily on the aftermath of war and military experiments along with Black Jack struggling with hopelessness of being unable to help his patients. The tone better matches the original older OVAS than the lighthearted TV series.

Overall, this movie is decent and certainly entertaining if you like Black Jack, but don't expect a masterpiece going into it. I think this movie is more for those who enjoy the ethical dilemmas and darker tone of the older series than those watching this as a sequel to Black Jack (TV).