May 27, 2007
Stormy_77 (All reviews)
Banner of the Stars II continues where Banner of the Stars I left off. With Operation Phantom Flame completed, the Abh empire is now chasing the remnants of The United Mankind fleet with the aim of wiping them out, in Operation Hunter. As the Abh fleet advances, reconquering worlds, it becomes apparent that there is a shortage of bureaucrats and ambassadors to oversee the administration of the re-conquered worlds.

This is where Banner of the Stars II starts off, with Lafiel being appointed Territorial Ambassador of the planet Lobnas II with Jinto as the deputy ambassador. Unfortunately for them, the planet happens to be a prison planet with 4 distinct factions.

Faction 1 : Prison guards
Faction 2 : West side - women prisoners, fertile
Faction 3 : East side - really bad men
Faction 4 : Central compound, men and sterilized women.

Lafiel and Jinto give territorial governorship to the prison guard's administrator, and Jinto stays behind to oversee the details of the prisoner's immigration, when all hell breaks loose and Lafiel is forced to leave him behind. Will he survive?!?

Banner II is a very good plot driven story. The characters are all well done and act as you would expect them to. The animation is fluid but not of the best quality and there is a lot of reuse of scenes. However, the ending song is one of the best ever. At it's heart, Banner is still a love story featuring star/race-crossed lovers Jinto and Lafiel. Overall I really enjoyed this series and am looking forward to more.