Oct 16, 2019
aisakafuyumi (All reviews)
Nowadays I see a lot of people writing off AOT, and I think it's a real shame. AOT has come an incredibly long way, and the way I see it, the next season will be even better.

The first season was all about shock value, gore, and the paaaaaaACING was not consistent. It was still enjoyable. Season 2 and Season 3 introduce many new and intriguing facets and really forces you to think about the brutal realities of war, death, duty, and perseverance.

There's no plot armor, but there is no mindless death. It all feels real. Every single situation is brutal and the choices each character must make is hard, but realistic. Throughout the show, I did not know what I would do should I be placed in those circumstances, and it made me feel for the characters all the more. I could not guess what was coming next, and my mind was constantly in a state of disarray.

Eren might be the main character, but these past two seasons have pulled many other characters to the spotlight and they S H I N E D. It made it seem like everyone had a story, everyone could be the main character.

Frankly, I was never great at writing essays. But if you'd like some great visuals accompanied by a humorous but frank review of AOT and its new seasons, then you should watch Gigguk's latest video "Attack on Titan is Incredible Now". I think he does a great job of breaking it down simply and a matter-of-factly.

Give it a go! Don't be a hater just because it's "overrated" and AOT was super hyped. I think that's a very naive viewpoint because I genuinely appreciate how far it has come.