Oct 13, 2019
Bem (Anime) add (All reviews)
slavemaster_1991 (All reviews)
A bit spoilerish, but only a bit.

First things first: this is not original work, but I have never seen the source, so I will judge this one on its own merit. And oh boy I do have much to judge. Lets start with the easy part:
-Art. Pretty mediocre, with some parts looking pretty bad to be honest. At least it is not CGI, but it isn't much.
-Sound. Good opening, forgetable everything else.
-Story/world. And here the real problems begin. World is awfully inconsistent, while main trio of monsters look like each other and are of one style, their enemies are something that looks like from a comic book - flashy, unique and completely unfitting into the rest of the setting. If there were different ways how people became those enemies - it maybe could pass, but they are all made with SCIENCE by one mad scientist, so why do they very this much? The overall flow of events from episode to episode is pretty disconnected, while characters are the same, I always got an impression that something was missing, some key events or something like that.
-Characters. Well, not really much. MC try to become human cause reasons (really why, if they can't feel at all - they should not be able to feel jealous too). Their development is absent, they just get into fight and dispatch enemy of the episode while trying to look human when not engaged in combat. And here is another problem: there are LOTS of side characters, cause each of 3 monsters has his own contacts. None of them gets development, they are more like decorations, even though the cop girl could be a valuable ally on their road to humanity, and friends should be a valuable experience of human interactions.
-Enjoyment. None, to be honest. While I had hope after episode 1, it faded pretty fast. I don't normally drop reading or watching, so this was the only reason I even finished watching this one, it felt more like a chore and not like something one could enjoy.

Overall: waste of time, low budged, low efford attempt to grab some cash with a relaunch of an old title.