Nov 11, 2010
Kathisofy (All reviews)
If you like feel good anime, you'll love this movie. It follows the adventure of a little kitten that wants to be human and the family that takes her in. Even though the viewers see her as a little girl, she is an average cat. The mother seems to have an extreme fear of cats, or the fear of allergies caused by cats. I don't know what it is, but she's deathly afraid of this kitten.

The story seemed like one that you would see in an old cartoon from the 90's or 80's. It's not a riveting plot. It doesn't have any odd twists. It's just an average plot. but it didn't need anything big.

You can tell that this movie is pure old school anime. it has the same style as Harlock and the rose of Versailles. Every one has 70's hair and wear a lot of sweat shirts. It's pure nostalgia. The animation was amazingly smooth. Simple things like the wind blowing through their hair looked great. The character designs for the cats were too cute, Raphael the Persian looked so fluffy and soft. it's a nostalgic joy.

since this movie was made in the 80's, it has synthesized music and even an engrish music bit in the middle. I enjoyed it.

The characters were kind of bland, I have to admit. The father was silly, tokio was kind, the mother was old fashioned. There wasn't much to them. It's not terrible, it's just typical.

I loved this movie to death. It had me going "awww" all through it. It's just a silly sweet little movie.

Over all, I would have loved to have seen this movie as a child and it's on the top of "shows I want to show my children" list.