Oct 11, 2019
DarknessReality (All reviews)
Is the Order a Rabbit is back and as wholesome and lovable as ever!

This OVA focuses on Chino and her role of doing a solo song and Oh my god is it done beautifully. Its so wholesome to the point of bring tears and the entire cast of lovable waifus are back.

We get to see the absolutely beautiful sister relationship with Cocoa and Chino again which I oh so missed. Every interaction between these two is adorable and makes me want more. The rest of the cast are the same as ever and its just as great as before.

We are really being spoiled with this OVA and getting so many songs in just one episode. All of the songs are cute, catchy, and wholesome as hell. I genuinely felt so happy listening to the ending song in particular which just spilled wholesome and happy feelings that brought me to tears. Every main character gets to sing at least once and it was great to see Chino and Cocoa sing. Im definitely downloading all the songs once they get released.

I sooo cant wait for season 3 and get to see more of this absolutely amazing series. I highly recommend watching this OVA as its just as great as the anime that came before it.

10/10 its wholesomeness brought me to tears.