Oct 10, 2019
hyp0thet1cal (All reviews)
Isekai is a genre that provides writers with a great opportunity to break the cycle of regularity and add elements that transcend the laws of our own world. Arifureta however, conveniently steals these elements from other sources and establishes the most boring Isekai which no otaku would ever want to visit and/or save.

The protagonist is good for nothing in the real world and is called onto the new world to fight the higher powers and save everyone. There is a stupid girl who wears a short blue skirt and bends over every 2 minutes to show her ass and pees her pants. There is a loli who is from a different race that has very powerful magic. To finish it all off, there is a perverted and well-endowed woman who takes pleasure from being beaten up and ignored. All of this is not a description of Arifureta, it's a description of KonoSuba. I wonder why you would confuse it with a description of Arifureta.

Stealing from other Isekai is one thing but I would never have expected Arifureta to draw from the elements of classics like Ghost in the Shell and the greatest non-fiction of all time, World Wars I and II. The protagonist is armed with his extraordinary magic and knowledge that he obtained by feeding on monsters deep in the dungeons, and he uses them to make guns? Our protagonist is to this world what Samuel Colt was to ours. If guns are all that's required to save the world, I wonder why the gods would summon a teenager instead of a military technician. Which brings us to another important point, why the hell is our protagonist in a different world? Why was he chosen? How was he transported? The anime conveniently skips all of this to give us what seems like a terrible adaptation of the LN.

Now, let's move on to the lacklustre fight sequences where the protagonist mows through hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat. The MC is surrounded by about 50,000 enemies in the battlefield and standing at the middle of them all, he carefully reloads his gun. The truth is that the MC isn't OP, instead, it is everyone else in this world that is painfully stupid and weak. I never thought I would say this, but this anime's fight scenes are outdone by the imbecilic choreographed fight scenes of Bollywood.

After painfully dragging myself through this anime, I can say with confidence that it is unentertaining on all fronts. I'm still unable to find a single element which is unique to Arifureta. However, generous as I am, I give Arifureta a 2/10 for bearable music and art and a little unusual (definitely not unique) MC characterisation.