Oct 10, 2019
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
an1mnte (All reviews)
Not something to rate and think "that was amazing, what's next" and it's a disservice to break it down into scores out of ten for respective parts. No.6 doesn't feel like a story with characters to analyse and think how 'good' it is, then how it stacks up compared to other series. That all collectively boxes it in which is never good, and worse when it only devalues it.

No.6 is simply an experience, you can come across people saying how deeply something affects them and how important something is, but it's one of those things you have to feel for yourself since otherwise it's just empty words to someone unable to relate to it.

Whether it's an anime, movie, something or anything else, hope people do find their this has changed me and this matters thing. No need to elaborate further, it's fine, some things aren't for discussing not even saying how great it is. A rising sun is a good analogy, you don't need to explain why you like it or what makes it good, it's not about that you just marvel at it for all the wonder that it is.