Oct 10, 2019
Mazohisuto (All reviews)
sight *unzips pants*

This was me just before I decided to watch Boku no Pico. Like many other I've seen the 'REACTS TO BOKU NO PICO' videos or endured friends constantly recommending me to watch this 'great show', it has become the butt end of the anime community in the same ranks as 177013. So when I realized I had not actually watched it, turned off because it was constantly brought up jokingly, in lieu of my recent activity I thought it was essential to watch it so I gave Boku no Pico a shot and received it with an open mind. To my surprise, I completely enjoyed my experience but with an asterisk. I will delve into what made the show, in my opinion, a master work but to touch on this asterisk it was that I took it as a male to futanari show as I have never enjoyed yaoi hentai which made the show much easier to swallow. This is the main weakness of the show, since many people immediately get uncomfortable because they know **SPOILERS** that Pico is a boy. One of the scenes that is very famous is the ice cream car scene where many people react surprised to discover this when it is shown in the opening song. I do not like this shock value culture that Boku no Pico is labelled as, showing off random scenes without context takes away from it's storytelling and pacing which is why it gets such a bad rap. Once people get over this hurdle and try it out as a whole work, I think like me others will appreciate the value of this show taken as a pure hentai.

Story : 9

Boku no Pico has a basic story about a lonely white collar worker finding company in the most unlikely of places, namely in the mouth of a presumably underaged boy who works in his cafe. Although the plot is basic and doesn't really go anywhere, the way the show is edited together and how the storyboard progresses sells the experience to me. (I will try to stay away from specifics so as not to spoil the show) The show starts of in a tense establishing that immediately tells us what kind of relationship our main character and Pico have and the 'teasing' aspect of the first few scenes pay dividends as they really make the 'climax' of the show feel earned. We get fleeting shots that tease what is to come and makes us think about the scenes that introduce us to the show which keep the viewer engaged. Thinking critically, this is a hentai and it is supposed to help us get off which is what Boku no Pico excels at as it teases us, then edges us closer and closer until we get the pay off at the end that cements the experience in my mind above and beyond what other hentai has every helped me achieve. It is good for story to elevate a hentai, however Boku no Pico's pacing and storytelling made the show for me.

Art : 8

The show was made in 2006 so we have to take that into account when marking it up. I gave it such a high score because of how memorable it is able to make it's characters where if the beginning of a scene is showed many people are able to recognize it almost instinctively. As I mentioned in the beginning, I used the 'chicks with dicks' mentality to cope with the show and this is what the artists gave us by making Pico so effeminate. Having this believable female aesthetic to Pico saved me from trashing this show along with the great storytelling. The rest of the elements such as background feel like the anime of the time which didn't stand out too much but never dipped in quality that took you out of the experience

Sound : 8

The sound gets above average marks for including an OP/ED song and the background music which helped build the tense atmosphere of each sexual scene that would've felt lackluster otherwise. Having the music be there then be absent created a sense of unease which mirrored the teasing and edging flow of the show. The sound also helped me cope with the show in having a contrast of masculine and feminine voices for our main leads which strengthens my argument that Pico is a girl since his VA is also a female.

Character 7 :

The main letdown for this show was really the character development to the end of the show. At the beginning and middle we get this great character growth that we see very subtly in the little things that the character's say and do. We see how Pico becomes more and more comfortable with Tamotsu as their dialogue changes and he talks more sexually about their past activities yet we still see his shy demeanor when Tamotsu tells him to crossdress. Tamotsu as always stays brazen with what he wants Pico to do which is acceptable as it allows us to witness Pico's personality change little by little until the breakpoint. My only gripe with the show is how rushed and unexplained the ending felt as I wish they had just added some heavier hints leading up to the climax of Pico's dynamic character shift as well as how the ending was resolved.

I swear I'm not gay guys but Boku no Pico took my on a wild ride and it was probably, in the context of hentai helps us achieve, the best hentai I have watched in terms of raw usefulness. It had the best pacing of a hentai with its not too heavy plot and teasing moments that gave us the pay-off we were anticipating towards the end. It was conservative with it's sex scenes which we do not see nowadays as MC-kun usually trips on his own feet and ends up endlessly railing girls for the next 30 minutes. I'd like to shout out Tamotsu, the pedophilic crossdress-fetishizing freak, for making Pico crossdress and helping reaffirm where my sexuality lay. I swear I am still heterosexual and Pico is totally a futanari. I would also like to say that I do not condone child pornography and this should be taken purely as an artistic expression. It's an all in one fap for me boys, it'll take you on a ride that I can guarantee once you get over the moral hurdle of child yaoi porn.