Oct 10, 2019
saadbinaamer (All reviews)
Short Summary

Please keep in mind that i have played the visual novel and watched the anime. I liked the visual novel very much, it got its fame for the reason. But anime could not justice with the story and characters for the reason of length. They did manage to complete the skeleton of the human body, but the same body lacks muscles, skin and features.


I will rate it 6/10 for the following reasons

Positive Points:

1. It gives the viewers near realistic concept of time travel. At least, attempts so
2. There is practically no filler in the story, the viewer may find a piece of the story boring or interesting however, comparing with the game, attempt had been made to nullify the fillers to near zero
3. Addressed minor problems in VN well.

Negative Points:
The story did not spend enough time to convince the viewers about its concept and plots, the viewer can easily feel it as another "Sakai" genera based anime, In fact, I opine, it assumes the viewers might have either watched "Stiens' Gate" or played the visual novel of this anime or "Stiens Gate

It feels unpolished, there are problems with "how the story flows". The original visual novel needed some polishing back then, "Stiens Gate" did that job well, however, it feels the directors must have forgotten to polish the story of the original visual novel.

Art (8/10)

The anime attempted to look characters as realistic as possible. I liked it, no problems at all. But, i leave the last 2 points for pure subjective judgement. So, i just don't feel like giving it a 10 score.

Sound (7/10)

Well, It was good. Not good enough to make me search the same on the you tube. However, it matches with art fair enough.

Characters (4/10)

Now, this is something, that is really messed up. For example, if you have just watched the anime. You dont know Yu no at all, the main character of the show. a straight 4 points deduction out of ten.

However, they designed Sayless well, same goes with royal guards and amanda and her faction well,

I deducted 2 points for the anime not being able to well in terms of inter-character relations

Enjoyment (7/10)

I just wanted to see something that a visual novel can not do, "animation", which anime did well, so i enjoyed it.

Overall (6/10)

in view of the above, it can be safely said that the company did not have enough time/budget to cover up the visual novel better. The anime would be a lot better, if it

1. Had 35-40 episodes
2. Would able to convince viewers about plot (which in my opinion is the most important aspect in the anime)

Then, i would have rated the anime an 8 score.