Oct 10, 2019
rma2002 (All reviews)
Sorry to rain on the "demon slayer is so good" parade. I wanted to believe in it. Heck, I watched it only because its rated so highly. But I'm sad to say I'm disappointed. All I got to say is, good art/animation, bad story/characters. Overrated show.

I stand by the belief that a good shounen should be developed over time. I'm not saying it has to be long necessarily- but I'll just say this: the "shounen" part of this show lasted two episodes and consisted of cutscenes of our MC running up a hill and dodging traps. Is that what you really call entertainment? Look at the best shounen's out there (by popular opinion, but also my opinion too). FMAB, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, JoJo (if that counts lmao)... all these shows develop the characters through multiple seasons coherently to get to a final result. The characters in the show genuinely struggle under challenges to build them up. They don't just become gods in one instant. Demon Slayer... let's just say it ignores all that development and gives the whole idea of "shounen" a big middle finger, skipping right to the combat. By episode seven, Tanjiro is already a full-fledged chad, killing demons like its nothing and pulling water forms out of his ass with perfect execution. It's like there isn't even any question of whether or not he's developing, because he already knows it all just by training under the dude with the red goblin mask.

Tanjiro, our goody-two-shoes main character, goes from not knowing how to punch air, to wielding a powerful black sword and cutting off the heads of demons like its nothing. He goes from too scared to walk home in the forest at night in episode 1, all the way to wandering around a village with a recent demon attack, trying to ACTIVELY SEEK OUT THE DEMON and kill it, in the span of like seven episodes. What's more, he's doing it all for his sister, who is for some reason brought along on these dangerous journeys, even though the whole point of the show is to protect her!?

That's another huge flaw with the show. Tanjiro wants to turn Nezuko back into a human. But he also wants to protect Nezuko... Then why the hell is he going after perhaps the most dangerous demon (Kibutsuji) and bringing Nezuko with him? Isn't like that the opposite of what he should be doing- keeping Nezuko safe with some demon slayer, and then going on an elite team of demon slayers to find an antidote?

And Tanjiro as a character is annoying. I mean, he's the epitome of "be a good person, and good things will happen to you", which is bullshit irl. He's too good of a person, to the point where its unbelievable. Just because he wants to save his sister, he manages to win every fight based off of solely that desire. No skill involved, just "I need to save Nezuko!" when he's knocked down, and bam- he wins the fight because he pulls off some crazy stunt that he never even trained for. Every goddamn time.

Let's not mention the two annoying side characters Inosuke and Zenitsu. If you forgot who they were, one is the yellow dude who is a freaking pervert and also a coward who can't stop saying "TanJirOOO" in an annoying ass voice. The other one is some random kid with ADHD, who can't take off his pig helmet and can't stop screaming over every dialogue in the show. Also, he can't wear a freaking shirt. What the hell are they even in the show for? If you're gonna give the MC some sidekicks, at least make them half bearable, or give them some meaning as characters. They, consistent with the rest of the show, come out of nowhere and just can't leave Tanjiro's side for whatever reason, even though they have literally nothing to do with him. Then there's Nezuko. Honestly, she doesn't do anything during the show, albeit save Tanjiro's ass a few times and be kawaii, which is annoying to me because there should be more to character like her especially since she's the focus of the whole story

Overall, I think this show is a trainwreck. Yes, the animation and art is amazing, I won't deny it. In fact, its probably some of the best I've ever seen. But the story... my god. If you're looking for a real shounen, watch Hunter x Hunter. Watch FMAB. But please, don't let this show define the genre for you. There is no shounen here, just mindless combat, annoying side characters, a too-pure-to-the-point-where-it's-annoying MC, and a demon loli.

If you value story over animation (which I certainly do) then I don't think you will enjoy this. However if you just want to watch well animation combat scenes and don't care too much about story, then you will enjoy the first season.

(Also, I realize I'm being a little harsh since the story isn't over yet, there will most definitely be a season 2. So we'll have to see until then. So please don't roast me you diehard fanboys/girls)