Oct 10, 2019
Spoonmaster12 (All reviews)
A bootiful anime about grief? I think.

Great for adding another anime to your completed. Yeah, that's about it. Since mal won't allow me to write short reviews I gotta talk a lot and it's pretty annoying but I will do it anyways. I guess I have to stay on topic at the same time, OMG but I want to post this review soooooo bad. Actually, should I just type in random letters to make the review longer? svjfkslldsfldmscmxosjljkasj;ajd;sjfkjsdm;sza;ds dsakda;jsajdsllajl;aljlaslkksjjsa;;ajka. Yeah, probably not a very good idea since my review might get taken down. Oh well, time to actually talk about this anime.So, um I don't know what it's about yet. Actually f it, I give up. MAL YOU CAN TAKE THIS REVIEW DOWN SINCE IT'S NOT EVEN A REVIEW BUT HEAR ME OUT, I WILL HAUNT U FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU DO SO.

If you are still reading this........

then you are non existent because nobody is coming this far into the review. They probably stopped reading after reading the first sentence.

Ha jk, I bet nobody even started to read this "review"