Oct 10, 2019
CrusaderElly (All reviews)
The opening song is so good! :D It really is! Watch the opening theme!

Ok so, I really liked this somehow, but I feel I must place some warnings!

It's about the relationship between Natsuo (standard highschool student) and his two sisters-in-law. They're not really siblings, and the remarriage happens only after deeds are already done, which naturally complicates things. Now Natsuo & co have to decide between feelings and societal norms!

So, there is a good amount of touching, kissing, suggesting, and a few awkward scenes - fair warning if you're not into that. And some of it is a bit excessive, I suppose.

Buuut I did like the main theme, that being the relationship between the three and the morality of it.

I think the main 3 characters are interesting and realistic. I think they're rather flawed people who certainly wouldn't hold up in nowadays society - and they realize this - and despite their conflicted feelings, they try and go through with it anyway.

I found every episode interesting - either due to silly cringyness, nice slice-of-life, or realistic drama. I also found the subplot of trying to become a novelist a nice touch.

I wish the other characters received some more love - but only so much you can do in 12 episodes I suppose.

I can't quite tell what it is, but my enjoyment for this show was way more than what I expected, perhaps more than what it should be - but in the end, enjoyment is a big factor, isn't it. ^_^