Oct 10, 2019
Volvagia (All reviews)
Robihachi was a weird experience for me, enjoyable but strange. It reminded me of a lot of Space Dandy except less perverted and with more a focus on food and travel.

Robi, the main guy, is very much the lovable idiot. He has gotten himself massively in debt falling for schemes pitched to him by pretty ladies, be they alien or human. As a result of this, he is tracked down by Hachi, a mysterious man working for mister Yang, the debt collector who we find out has a sort of crush on Robby. To cure his financial woes in his flight from Yang, Robby sets out for Iskandar to get one of their crystals to change his luck. Hachi initially is shanghaied onto Robby's ship but sticks around as he was looking for adventure.

The show then consists of them traveling to planets on the way to Iskandar, enjoying the local fare, and solving the world's current woes. How they go about solving those woes often made me compare the show to the Big Lebowsky in that they tend to solve the problem in very outlandish ways.

Robbi and Hachi play off each other like an odd couple with the ship robot often playing the straight man. It makes for an enjoyable dynamic.

Overall, RoboHachi is a fun show. I don't like it enough to recommend it but I enjoyed my time with it.