Oct 10, 2019
Volvagia (All reviews)
Oh, boy is Wise Man Grandchild(WMG) generic! It like they made a checklist to make sure they hit all the generic fantasy Isekai tropes. That said, it is barely an Isekai as the main guy does not remember his past life; for the most part, just his education. It also still manages to be enjoyable with likable characters, but let us not kid around it is still generic as all hell. That genericness is what holds it back in the end.

The whole premise of this show is that Shin is comically overpowered, and his adoptive grandfather never taught his common sense. Shin is your perfect Gary Stu. Once Shin is a teenager, his adoptive grandmother wants to rectify this insufficiency by getting him out of the woods to interact with his peers. So she sends him to what is essentially high school but for training magicians and knights. There he makes friends and is alerted to the treats of demonified humans, which he and his friend group battle through the rest of the season. The comedy for the show is that Shin is so powerful he does things defy common sense and elicit comedic reactions from his friends and guardians. It works sometimes, but other times it gets overplayed.

If I had to place another flaw, it would be that the friend group in WMG is too big for me to care about all of them. What I find to be WMG's, saving grace is its romance bit. Shin and Cecily don't beat around the bush about their feelings for each other. In this way, WMG differentiates from other typical shows in this genre who like to drag their feet on romance.

All that being said, WMG is not all that creative and is comparable to junk food tasty but nutritionally deficient. I am not going to recommend WMG, but I don't think it warrants a warning to stay away from the show.