Oct 10, 2019
Volvagia (All reviews)
To say I am disappointed in the anime community for its reception of Attack on Titan (AOT), Season 3, part 2(S3P2), would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong; I do not think this season was terrible. I thought it was good, but I certainly don't believe it to be God's gift to anime. I certainly don't feel that this season deserves the honor of being in the prestigious 9's club (i.e., 9 on MAL's 10 point scale). The 9 rating is something that is supposed to be a hard task with only nine shows/movies accomplishing and holding onto before this season. With my bellyaching out of the way, S3P2 of AOT is still very good, with me waffling back and forth on whether I would award it an 8.

The story for S3P2 revolves around the scouts battle to retake and repair the wall from enemy titans ( the sentient ones not the dumb ones). With the direction of the final season being revealed in the famous basement, which is something, the show has been hyping up since the first season. Once that was revealed, it didn't strike me as bad in the first place, but once I thought on it completely changed the nature of the show and not in a good way. Especially since the AOT series now reminds me of a particular Hollywood movie that was bad. By a director known for his "twists," and I feel like that is saying too much. There were also after battle decisions I disagreed with, but I could overlook those, unlike the basement. The whole battle was pretty cool, and that what salvages S3P2 for me.

Animation wise still above industry standard, and the soundtrack is still pretty good.

I enjoyed AOT S3P2, and I do recommend continuing to watch it, but temper your expectations as the hype around it, I believe, is misleading.