Oct 10, 2019
samuraiiijack (All reviews)
A collection of absurd comedy skits glazed in irony and satire. Does it deliver? I would say yes, but whether that delivery is meaningful for the viewer depends on individual taste. It's an incredibly campy show, and not everyone will like it.

The constant non sequiturs, slapstick humor, and intentional overdramatizations -- as well as the overall theme of the humor -- can get repetitive at times. I don't think that it would be good for the show to be any longer, as the episodes started feeling very same-ish to me by the time I was about half-way through the series. A lot of the humor in this show is based on wordplays of the Japanese language and don't translate well to an English audience. That being said, this show wasn't nearly as successful in Japan as it was in America.

Production: 9/10

It's definitely a cute show, and I think that the production is top notch for what it's intended to be. In fact, I would say that the production value is the best part of the show. The art style is unique, the voice acting is great, and the choice of music was good. The show would have been a lot less enjoyable were it not for the high production quality.

Story/characters: 7/10

Nichijou is divided into two contrasting trios: One consists of three "normal" schoolgirls, and the other consists of a child professor, her android assistant, and a talking cat. The idea here is that the schoolgirls' desires to be special are juxtaposed with the lab trio's desire for something normal (or, in the case of the professor, at least what she thinks "normal" is). I wasn't expecting that it would take so long for the two trios to start interacting with each other, honestly, felt a little bit late to me.

Apart from the sense of humor, the schoolgirls side of the show isn't too different from the usual "cute girls doing things in high school" kind of setting. The lab trio side of the show isn't particularly interesting, mainly just them sitting around at home being cute. But man, they really are cute.

This show is a cuteness overload from one scene to the next. It's ridiculous, to the point where one might find it self-parodying. But I found it satisfying. Especially when it came to the Professor, who is probably the most moe character I have ever seen in any anime. Then again, I haven't watched much moe anime.
There isn't much character development happening, but it's an episodic show so I guess that doesn't really count.

Conclusion: 7/10

I thought that it was a cute show, and I enjoyed it. Overall, I would say that this is a bit overrated but still a very nice, well-made show. Even if you dislike the sense of humor, it is worth watching for the production alone.