Oct 10, 2019
Volvagia (All reviews)
Demon Slayer is a typical shounen type show. That being said, it's focus only stunning animation, a proper atmospheric soundtrack, and good use of its cast turn it into a reasonably enjoyable show.

Demon slayer's story is very "monster of the week," so they do have to make the most of the fights. There is the main storyline going on in the background. It, unfortunately, moves at a glacial pace right up till the end of the first season.

Tanjiro is the resolute, kind protagonist, and his mood and feelings felt infectious. It just starts to sway you, and any character is he is around. He very much loves his sister, which is why he is on this journey in the first place. Zenitsu is very much a character that starts annoying as crap, but they give him a decent chunk of character development, and he does grow on you though the series. Inosuke is fun in his own way through; he is bullheaded impulsive, always trying to prove something but well-meaning. He always tries to pick fights with Tanjiro despite Tanjiro's naivete preventing him from realizing that.

To say demon slayers animation is stunning would be an understatement. The show is beautiful, and for the most part, the fights are very fluid. Of course, there the famous scene from episode 19 that needs no introduction. The soundtrack suits it well, often fitting the tone of the scene.

I enjoyed my time with demon Slayer and am looking forward to the movie and next season. It gets my recommendation.