Oct 10, 2019
imjayhime (All reviews)
It’s sad to see negative reviews for such an outstanding anime, so here’s a positive review to hopefully convince all of you to watch it:

Carole & Tuesday is about two girls who dream of making it as singers in a world of AI music. With the help of Gus, Roddy, and others they meet along the way, they work to make their dream come true. However, that’s not all that goes on in this story. Setting: Mars, future (theory is that it takes place around the same time as Cowboy Bebop, 2071)


Carole and Tuesday’s motivation to not only be known, but also heard, is inspiring. They fight past many obstacles that stand in their way. One obstacle is sadly Tuesday’s mother, a politician who forbids her daughter from having the freedom she desires. I won’t get too into it because it’ll be a spoiler, but you do learn from the start that this mother daughter relationship isn’t an ideal one. Another obstacle is the usage of AI. Being not only singers and musicians, but also song writers, Carole and Tuesday have difficulty making it since it’s not usual anymore for humans to write music. To add to these obstacles, there are future events that pose problems for the characters that I won’t go into detail about. There are dark themes that definitely came as a surprise to me, such as depression, drug use, abandonment, and topics related to the government. The biggest shock was the inspiration from real life events. I won’t go into further details, but I promise you that the story will hook you and have you wanting more. If you’re here in hopes of finding another yuri, harem, ecchi, or isekai anime, you’ve come to the wrong place. Sure it takes place on Mars, but they were never transported there to save the world.


As an artist myself, the art style in anime is always a very important factor for me. When I saw that Eisaku was going to be doing the character designs, I instantly got excited. I’ve always loved his works, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed...and boy, was I right! Both the characters and environments are so well drawn. They’re beautiful. The expressions each character made are great and their eyes show so much emotion. The color palettes used suited each scene perfectly; soft, vibrant, dark. As for the characters, everyone has their own unique look. It’s always a nice change as an anime fan when the characters have distinctive features. This isn’t the case for most anime, sadly. Studio Bones always seems to do a great job in this regard. Then we have the two OP’s. The concept art for both were done by Bahi JD, who I didn’t know too much about until now. I’m so glad I’ve discovered him. Thanks to his amazing skillset, we’ve been blessed with some enchanting pieces of art.


Similar to the art category, we have the animation, which is beautiful. I saw a review that negatively pointed out the usage of rotoscope and I must say that whether it was rotoscoped or not, like Yuuri!!! on Ice, it was extremely well done. In school, I rotoscoped for an assignment. Although it wasn’t exactly hard (probably because my drawings were not very detailed), it was very time consuming. I’ve always been amazed by animators in general, whether classical or 3D. So to the animators at Studio Bones, I applaude you. You really made the movements of the characters and vehicles look fluid. The close-up sparkle in characters’ eyes was captivating. If only I could animate like that. Lastly, the OP’s, like mentioned before, have a different art style. The animation in the OP was smooth and realistic. Each animator deserves praise. I found a blog that goes into further detail. Check it out here:


Now, we have a category of obvious importance. Being a music anime, you would hope that the OST would be worth listening to on repeat. As for me, I’ve been listening to it non-stop. Only the first vocal collection though since the second isn’t available on iTunes or Spotify (as of now). Both the first and second half of the anime have songs that are emotional, upbeat, and of course, funny. Galactic Mermaid isn’t for everyone, but it has me laughing every time I hear it. For those who find the lyrics dumb, that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Call me immature all you want. I think it’s hilarious. Other than this song though, the music is very well written. Many of the songs have lyrics that will grab at your heart or maybe even be relatable for you. The songs later on in the anime have a lot of depth. As for the characters’ voices, the cast is made up of both singers and seiyuu. I hope this isn’t a turn-off for you. I personally prefer songs in anime being sung by professionals rather than seiyuu who are just okay. Nai Br.XX (Carole) and Celeina Ann (Tuesday) have such beautiful voices. They really compliment each other. I would love to hear more songs by them as a duo in the future. Another amazing talent is Alisa, who plays the new breakout star, Angela. Damn, can this girl sing! I personally love the voices and songs of all of the artists. Like the singers, the seiyuu did a great job. Please, please, please watch the anime in Japanese. The seiyuu are incredible. Their voices suit the characters perfectly and although they didn’t match the singing voices (obviously), I have no complaints. As a big fan of Miyano Mamoru, I think he killed his performance. Ertegun (FIRE!) is a great character and his lines are so extra. Miyano is the perfect seiyuu for him.


There’s quite the line-up of characters, so I’ll only touch on the main ones.

Carole: a girl from Earth who meets Tuesday, a fellow songwriter, while busking on a bridge. Until that moment, she’s been lonely, but things start turning around when they become friends. Carole is outgoing, athletic, and loyal to her friends. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she wants and fight to protect Tuesday. We learn about her past later on and it really adds to her character.

Tuesday: a girl from a wealthy family who has been hidden away from the outside world. Her mother is a politician and wishes for her two kids to stay by her side, but Tuesday wishes for a different life, so she runs away to the futuristic, NYC-like “Alba City,” where she meets Carole. Due to her sheltered life, Tuesday is shy, introverted, and easily scared. Sadly, she has low self esteem, but she tries to be optimistic. Future events help her mature.

Gus and Roddy: Gus is Carole and Tuesday’s manager and Roddy is an AI programmer + system engineer who discovered the girls during their first guerrilla live performance. Both of them are very supportive and would do anything for Carole and Tuesday. They truly believe that they have the talent to make it big. We learn more about Gus’s past as a manager later on.

Angela, Dahlia, and Tao: Angela is a model and actress turned singer. After meeting Tao, an AI music producer, her goal of making music is set to action. However, in order to do this, she must become Tao’s puppet and do exactly what he says. AI machines put her through immense pain in order to further her in her career. Angela’s mother and manager, Dahlia is controlling and although she loves her, her actions aren’t always in Angela’s best interest.


You can probably tell by now that I love this anime. I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. From the story to the music to the animation, I was always excited to click ‘next episode.’ I recommend binging it like I did. It would have been very hard to wait each week for a new episode to air. As I got closer the end, I got more and more excited (and nervous) to see what was to come.


I 100% recommend this anime. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Maybe those reviewers are too immature to understand the masterful storytelling. It’s not your typical anime. As mentioned before, it contains dark themes that maybe aren’t for everyone. It also has an OST that maybe isn’t your preferred style of music. It also isn’t a yuri, which apparently is a reason for complaint...Don’t watch it then.

Carole & Tuesday is an original anime, so you will not find the story elsewhere. I love original anime because when you watch it, they have no idea of what’s to come. There isn’t a manga, light novel, or game to spoil the ending. I think that makes it even more worth watching.

This was a long review, so if you got to the end, I really appreciate it. Thank you. Have a wonderful day! ☆