Oct 10, 2019
EOLAnime (All reviews)
Ouh Baby, sometimes you watch something and your like, "yeah this is pretty good" then you watch a little more than you like "Okay, OKAY! this is pretty spot-on" I mean maybe you don't talk to yourself but I do.

So we have two characters, both absolutely head over heels for each other, but they have to much pride to say it. one is poor the other is rich though it's only mentioned a few times and that's not even an issue, The episodes are split into basically 3 mini-episodes or challenges/Games, but don't fear a lack of character progression, even though it's basically mini-episodes they still make progress on their stories.

Both our characters are really smart and part of the student council, as long as themselves there are two other members which also have very enjoyable personalities and are basically the opposite of each other, one is a super happy "Yay!" Girl and the other is a socially awkward wanna die but not really boy. There are actually a few things that this show suggests that we may or may not see such as romance support characters, Truck-chan, sub romance plots.

The art is really nice and fun to watch, even though the show is really light-hearted the art style would suggest that there may be some menacing vibes, though honestly, it's all just a rom-com good time and a little bit of ramen appreciation.

Please make sure to watch the end credits of episode 3 it's unique to that episode and is honestly very well animated, it even moves the credits to not block the action (Very appreciated). I really really enjoyed my time with the show, I watched in one day instead of 3 episodes here and there. honestly just good vibes some good jokes enjoyable characters and defiantly worth your time.