Oct 10, 2019
Derp11223 (All reviews)
To be clear this is my first review ever on this website. I made sure to write a review about this show before any others. This is why:

If I had to put this show into one word, that word would probably be : life-changing. That may be quite controversial to many people, and a lot of you might disagree. My taste is most likely different from yours, as is everyone else's. But this anime, in fact, changed my life.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is an anime about the experiences of pianist Kousei Arima, and the relationships he develops with people his age. That is the most basic way to put it. I'm not going to go into depth about character development or the story or the many, many themes that emerge over time from this story. I will say this however: if you think you know what love truly means, if you think you know what love really is, you probably don't. This show taught me the true definition of the word love. Love may seem like it is an emotion you feel when you are deeply attached to someone or something - if you believe this, you are only partially correct. Love can never properly be defined, but this show gets closest to its true definition. That is the most I can say without spoiling the entire show and pouring out my entire heart.

This show's influence carries on into my everyday life. For example, I started to play piano again. That's basically a given if you have seen this show - you will want to play an instrument after watching this. Easily, you will learn that the music used in this show speaks a language of its own, and conveys just as much emotions as the characters themselves, without taking away from the beauty of the characters. But also, I think differently about people, and the true meanings behind their emotions. This show was a kick in the behind for me to start using actions rather than words to convey my emotions, so that people understand how I truly feel without me saying it or without them asking me. But that's just how it affected me. It will change everyone each in their own way, whether you loved it or hated it.

Overall, I would give this anime an 11 if I could. It is perfection in its absolute form to me.