Oct 10, 2019
QXST (All reviews)
Black fox is cliche personified, it relies on cliches and overused narratives so often I was able to call out exactly what the entire movie was going to be about within the first twenty minutes.
now, there are cliche anime movies I like (Sword of the stranger, Redline), so I wouldn't call this an inherent flaw. but the movie seems entirely unaware of its own cliches. Both Redline and Sword of the stranger have ways to separate themselves from others of their kin, be it through art style and wacky animation (Redline), or attempting to overlay an unusual tone on what is otherwise a cliche story (Sword of the stranger).
This movie doesn't only fail to do so, it also fails to be the best of its compatriots.

Story: "yo, we heard you like cliches, so we put cliches on your cliche!" -a definitely real quote from Nomura Kazuya
This story is possibly the biggest pile of cliches ive ever seen, a scientist develops advanced technology for the betterment of mankind, but an old friend insists they use it for war. the scientist disagrees.
This makes it predictable, and mostly unexciting. it has all the tropes youre already sick to death of, and treads absolutely zero new ground. the story is nothing special, and indeed, nothing good.

Art: clearly the budget for this movie was not very large. Though the fight scenes look passable, the rest of it looks awful. CG crowds shamble around in a twisted mockery of life, scenery manages to look so unappealing that i begin to pity said CG crownds, and someone forgot to tell Kazuya that holding on shots of CG people is a REALLY bad idea. I do enjoy the protagonists' design, however.

Sound: its fine, it works. no complaints, its nothing special but its passable.

Character: Clearly whoever wrote the script for this movie forgot that youre supposed to actually develop your characters. as the most we get is a few chess scenes. And there are some characters who die with so little development I think the writers forgot character deaths were supposed to matter to the audience.

im not doing enjoyment, i think its pretty clear how i feel.

so basically, there are MUCH better ways to spend 90 minutes. dont waste it on this movie, its not worth it. I think we all deserve more from our entertainment