Oct 10, 2019
4headkun (All reviews)
I think it's an honest work. Well made and a lot of time were spent on it. The rate is little too low, even it's an isekai anime but not that type of what you usually expect.
The first episode is so great that it makes up for the damage that the 3. and 4. caused. That 2 was very meaningless.
As for the story, it's pritty cool. The problem is real and can be reflected to our sociaty.
The art is nice not that good but it's just like everyother in 2019.
Many charachters has high goal and they sacrafice everthing what gets in their way. So they are not boeing at all. Maybe even the main ones have some interesting characteristic.
The opening is BEAUTIFUL, it's just so good, even this season had a lot more strong one aswell.
To keep everything in short and not to spoil anything, I can recommend To the abandoned sacred beast to anyone who is looking for some action, monster, adventure lovers.