Oct 10, 2019
Chiptempest (All reviews)
If I'm giving an objective review of this anime, it's a 3 as such I shall spoil the shit out of it without mercy.

It has exactly 2 good ideas and has a alright soundtrack. Those two ideas are.

1: The dragon people being samurai or at least eastern inspired. I just always enjoy this so this is a personal thing.

2: Hajime adopting Myu is unironically wholesome and is the best character interaction in the entire anime. I am a sucker for hardass/edgelords becoming doting dads, so of course this is my favorite legitimate aspect of the show.

Now you may have noticed that I scored this anime a 3 and that is me scoring it objectively. That is because if I rated how much I enjoyed this colorful dumpster explosion it would be a 9.

This anime fails abysmally in almost every facet consistently. It's to the point that I will recommend this anime as a comedy. Let me break it down step by step.

Story: 2

Its an isekai anime that fails to explain its an isekai in the actual story until some point past episode 3. While other similar isekai have done this (Grimgar just kinda ignores the fact its an isekai) Here it is really only shown in the OP and is an important part of the non-existant plot about chosen heroes probably fighting a god or demon or something. This is honestly the only bad part of the anime that isn't hilarious but it is ultimately something you can ignore, cuz it sure as hell ignores its own plot.

Art: 2

Aight so. I like some of the character designs, I like the aesthetic decision to give each character an outline that matches their colors which makes them pop out in this drab world. But you see, everything else is awful. The action is hilariously bad, the animation is only sometimes okay but mostly just bad. However the greatest gift this anime gives is the CG monsters. The CG monsters are by far the best and worst part about this anime in all the right ways. You combine the shitty CG monsters with the weirdly slow combat and things just comically fly around or fall over in slow motion that was made by a child playing with their action figures. The best part about the CG monsters is somehow they progressively get worse in all the right ways. Just watch the dragon "fight" and you'll understand.

Sound: 5

Soundtrack is pretty okay. I might go relisten to some tracks to get a better opinion but this isn't actually bad.

Characters: 3

This one is hard to rate because I like the characters. They're all so one note and shallow but their so weirdly endearing. Its really difficult to explain how I feel about them. Like I cant even tell you if I enjoy Hajime because he's a shitty edgelord or if I enjoy him because he's genuinely a fun character. All I know is that the extra members of Hajime's party are either boring (Yue) a shitty Aqua clone (Shea) and a shitty Darkness clone with the worst character introduction I have ever seen in any anime ever. Myu's an actual fun addition to the party I legitimately like so she's saves the score from being a 2.

If your still reading this then, go watch Arifureta. I will guarantee that you will at least get a good laugh during the first 3 episodes and if you enjoy what you see I highly suggest finishing it. This anime never has a dull moment.