Oct 10, 2019
nadeko_ekans (All reviews)
I had high hopes when coming to this anime, I thought it'd be something that'd change my opinion on the already flat and stale genre that is isekai, especially after hearing everything everybody had said about it, but I put my hopes too high...

Plot, 3/10:
The plot at the very least feels barebones. We have our main protagonist, Subaru, who gets randomly summoned by the witch of envy, Satella into a fantasy world, but the story tries to make itself stand out by adding mystery and thriller elements into it, my problem with this is that it doesn't really understand how to properly do this and the show loses most of it's charm because of it.

Characters, 2/10:
The characters were by far the absolute most awful part of the show, I'll start with our lead, Subaru. Subaru is a good example of how not to make a main protagonist. His personality is that of a little kid and most of the stuff he does and doesn't do ranges from questionable like the fact that he doesn't even question why he's been isekaied out of nowhere to downright stupid such as spending an entire episode making a whole fantasy world dialogue with Rem, just to say that he loves Emilia. His motives are also extremely fucking stupid, it being his love for Emilia, a character that is hardly fleshed out during the course of the show and most of the time is only mentioned through either Subaru or somebody else.

I'll continue my r̶a̶n̶t̶ review on Re:Zero on another character that poses as somebody important, the aforementioned Emilia. Emilia was a character I never actually saw any appeal in the two times I watched the show (I'm not saying any other character is much of an improvement), she seemed distant from the plot for most of the show, only actually having a few times she actually contributed to the plot directly, I say directly due to Subaru's drive is his love for Emilia. My major problem with Emilia is that the show describes her as a main character though she hardly contributes a thing to the plot.

I'm not gonna say much about Rem except for the fact that she's shameless waifu bait that's just there to be a likable character throughout the midst of borderline terrible characters.

The other characters (Felt, Betty, Elsa, Ram, Reinhard, etc) aren't even worth mentioning due to them just being added into the story to pull it, the show made it seem as if they'd be beneficial to the plot just before they'd disappear into obscurity.

Art and sound, 6/10:
Not much I can actually note this art on more than it'll look OK most of the time, it stayed consistent, but not much better than the consistency (except for the scene when we see through Elsa's POV looked quite good.) The CGI crowds that have plagued anime since people realized it'd be easier to just animate it in CG. The sound can have it's moments, when Subaru would realize something crucial to the plot, that one audio cue was quite good for some of the plot, but became overused. I can give some praise to the first OP due to my liking of "Konomi Suzuki", not much else to be said on the sound.

Enjoyment: 6/10
Despite all the negative things I have to say about this anime, I still can say that I did enjoy it in my first runthrough of the show, I then went through it again with a critical POV and god did I notice the flaws. I think Re:Zero can be enjoyed when looking for something simple and quite frankly, mindless to enjoy.

Overall, 3/10.