Oct 9, 2019
CanAKATheIndigo (All reviews)
It is often said that people always look for originality, innovation or freshness in what they consume. But the truth is that even if we normally look for new experiences or ingenious turns in what we already know, we are creatures of habit and every so often we return to what is familiar to us because it is our comfort zone. I mention all this because the series to which I dedicate this review is no wonder that reinvents the genre of romantic comedies to which it belongs, however, it has resulted in one of the series that I have enjoyed watching in this already finished spring season 2019 (although it was a slow season, so it's not saying much in its favor).

The work is therefore a romantic comedy, of those that throw comedy more than romance itself, of school atmosphere and harem type, with certain elements of ecchi, which tells us the story of Yuiga, a young man with low resources but very dedicated to his studies, to which the director of his school offers him a deal that is impossible to refuse, and in exchange for the boy to work as the tutor of two students and help them raise their grades in certain subjects, he will be awarded a scholarship that will facilitate his passage to the university, which is great for him due to the economic situation of his family.

A task that would not seem too complicated, especially when the boy learns that his two students will be, Rizu and Fumino, two pretty famous girls inside the school due to his outstanding intelligence, the first being a genius in everything related to Mathematics and exact sciences, and the other an expert in letters, the problem is that despite this talent, the girls due to their future ambitions, they really want to stand out in the opposite field from which they currently shine, Rizu wants to be good in literature to be able to become a psychologist, while Fumino wishes to learn mathematics to fulfill her dream of studying astronomy, the two being completely useless in these areas, costing both of them to learn something no matter how much they study and repeat them, finding this way our protagonist in a very complicated situation that will have to go solving one step at a time, being friends with the girls that, at the beginning somewhat distrustful due to their bad experiences with previous tutors and teachers who surrendered with them very easily. While discovering how to be able to teach them in an effective way, and eventually seeing how his small task initially goes complicating more than it should with the entry into the scene of other females, among which are an athlete with problems to learn English, and a teacher who does not see with great eyes the decision of the girls not to develop in that what they are good.

I would lie if I said that the story in this series is not basic, as it is. However, its charm is how it integrates their characters and clichés in a quite natural way despite the formulations that can result in their way of narrating the events. However, even if from the beginning the characters comply with a usual cliche in the romcoms so that you can easily differentiate them by the tropes they represent, they have enough personality to make them credible since everyone has their own ambitions and dreams. So, not only do they exist for romantic relationships and comic gags, but any trace of these is born during the interactions of the characters and how they begin to know each other more. It is nothing that makes it stand out in the huge list of romantic comedies and it feels the same as many I saw a decade ago, but it gives it enough identity to not feel like a project lacking inspiration, especially with all the editions it does the anime to adapt enough of the manga and thus include all the important characters. It's a simple romcom, but it's well executed to give simple light entertainment that doesn't want to be a drama or touch subjects in too much depth.

When it comes to the technical work of the series, I have to say that even when it's nothing incredible, it does its job well. With some occasional fanservice, we have simple but easy to differentiate characters that usually blend naturally with the scenarios, what they do not have in animation they use it in personality and when it is not a memorable production, even as a joke, it has its specific moments that steal the show. All wrapped in a colorful and vibrant color palette.

For its part, the soundtrack is similar, nothing to complain about but nothing particularly surprising. The work in the voices of the characters is satisfactory and the soundtrack is energetic, such as Go! Go! Atletic or 赤 点 先生 which allows the series to be easy to enjoy even if it is not particularly memorable in this regard. The opening of the series is called "Seishun Seminar" while the ending is "Never Give It Up !!" both being two cheerful melodies interpreted by the group of seiyuus of the series under the name of "Study".

I don't have much more to say about this series. It is not innovative or particularly ingenious in its ideas, but it is a simple romcom that does not seek to be much more than that giving light entertainment. For the fans of this kind of works, it is a recommendation that I can easily make, but for those who look for something else or it is tired of these clichés, it is probably better to look for another series to watch, because no matter how well you drive satisfactory these clichés that are already decades old, is not for everyone. For my part I will wait to see how the second season goes, that when I feel nostalgic these series are a good watch.