Oct 9, 2019
lojzaHD (All reviews)
Anime adaptation done right, but can you handle the cliche story?

As a long life fan of anime, after so many Shonens, I think that was my downfall in rating Demon Slayer. If I watched Demon Slayer as my first Shonen I honestly feel I would have rated it higher, but sadly it isn't so let's begin the review.


We are following the life of Tanjiro, a normal kid, a good kid who sadly experienced the worst thing you can in life, death, but not his death, the death of his family. While his family was murdered by a demon, which happens to be the main villain of the story, only his sister survived but with a catch. She's not human anymore, but a demon and that's the whole focus of this anime. We follow the Tanjiro's dream and will to make his sister human again while learning and going through tough times with demons being as strong as ever.

Story in my opinion is nothing revolutionary, nothing unique or special, but can be enjoying at times.


In my opinion, the strongest thing about this anime. Art is very true to the manga, the animation is just beautiful and it fits the darkness of the anime. Every episode feels like watching a big budget movie. Hands down the best animation for the past few years. ufotable did a wonderful job with Demon Slayer. The shots were CGI comes in play are just greatly done. Honesly feel if ufotable didn't do the animation for this anime, the anime wouldn't be as good as it is. Wonderful, wonderful job!


Another strong point of this anime, it has that old traditional Japanese sound to it and it just works. In happy moments it has that happy beat, in sad moments the soundtracks shine, in dark moments the creepiness of the music gets to you. Basically you will get chills more than once while watching this anime.


And this is where anime in my opinion is going downhill.

Tanjiro - A normal kid, the typical good guy in Shonen, he's very very similar to Midoriya from Boku no Hero Academia( if you have seen Boku no Hero, you know what I'm talking about). He needed to train to get to the level he got to, he has the urgency to get too emotional sometimes and have too much sympathy for others. He never gives up.

Nezuko - Tanjiro's demon sister, She doesn't talk, she rarely does anything. She is put into a spell to not hurt humans. To simply put it, she is like a dog. A typical loli who gets patted. She is protective of Tanjiro. She's different to all demons, she still holds human memories and she is being portrayed as special and that's what's so disappointing about her. She's special but she rarely does anything in anime.

Zenitsu - Safe to say he is Tanjiro's best friend, one of the lead of the show. To simply put it, he is a crybaby. This is me not joking around, he is yelling, crying or screaming 90% of times. Maybe if I was younger I would have found it funny but it's just annoying. In every shot of Zenitsu you can just expect screaming, he is one of the reasons I couldn't keep up with the show, the screaming and yelling was just too much for my liking.

Inosuke - Another friend of Tanjiro, did I say Zenitsu yells 90% of time? Well...Inosuke yells 100% of time. He's the Bakugou of the show (another Boku no Hero character, if you know, you know) did I say 100% of time? Multyply that by 100. Constant yelling, constant screaming, my ears are bleeding. Now imagine both Zenitsu and Inosuke in the same shots, I honestly found it very annoying, I just couldn't wait to get past these moments. Mangaka happens to put 2 yelling machines in the main lead. Something i just can't get enjoyment from.

These 4 characters you'll see most of time so I won't bother naming all the characters from the show.

-THE PROBLEMS OF THE ANIME (might contain little spoilers, I'll write when!)

There's just too many and that's why my rating is 6.

I already said what I don't like about the main characters, now I'll talk about the villains of the show. They are just not memorable. The anime has the urgency to show as much demons as possible in such little period. There's no actual introduction to the demons, they come and go. It follows a such simple pattern. This is a random demon, he kills people, you must kill him! Demons have no special reasons to kill humans, they kill 'cause they are demons. I don't find that kind of storytelling fun. To make things worse the anime is trying to force the emotional moments into you. Every demon comes with a rough, emotional background back when they were human. It's trying to force you to be emotional over demons despite seeing the same demons killing people, despite them having no introduction, despite you'll never ever see them again, I find that weird, and to make things worse, Tanjiro actually gets emotional over that, so you see the main character getting emotional about demons despite the demon killing nearly his whole family or in some moments humans in front of his eyes. This actually get mentioned by actual characters in anime to my surprise.

The nakama power up, the almighty power of friendship and the will to never give up. Hate to bring this up but the story is full of it. Everytime Tanjiro is losing, he has that flashback of power. The flashback which somehow makes him stronger. He remembers something about his family and why he must not lose. And outta nowhere he becomes stronger. He is a good guy and that's why he wins. It's not just Tanjiro, it's other characters as well. I find that pretty disappointing.

Tanjiro's skill in general. Tanjiro before his family was murdered, didn't even know what demons were, he had no training in fighting. He was just a normal kid, and then in just two years of training, not only he became stronger, he became that much stronger that he is able to hurt the upper echelons of demon slayers ( a group who is killing demons like he is). Like wow, in just two years he became so strong. I also don't like how everyone in anime is portraying him as THE CHOSEN ONE.

The unrealism. Some ideals Tanjiro is trying to force into people are just too unrealistic. He is trying to force other people into thinking that demons and humans can live together, that not every demons are evil (which they aren't), but in the world he is living it, it just doesn't make sense.

SPOILER ALERT!....I also find it very unrealistic that character who never knew who Tanjiro was before, had the will to agree to commit suicide if his demon sister ever kills a human. The mangaka is again forcing something just to make the plot more interesting. Why would someone got to such lengths over someone he never met before?

The main villain is basically Dio Brando from JoJo, he is bad 'cause why not. He creates demon army like Dio was creating his army. He is that typical douchebag that you naturally just must hate. In anime he has no reason to be evil, he just evel 'cause he can be.

The Twelve Kozuki demons IMO are just straight up rip off from Hunter x Hunter - Phantom Troupe. They are strong demons who are numbered just like Phantom Troupe is in Hunter x Hunter. In this case every demon from the group has a number assigned to him.

Total concentration breathing reminds me so much about Hamon from Jojo. They get powers through breathing...

As I said, if I never watched other Shonen anime, and Demon Slayer was my first anime, I probably would have rated it higher, but sadly I've seen so many things from other anime in Demon Slayer that I've lost all enjoyment in anime.


Despite me having so much problems with anime, in your case, you might rate it very highly. It's a very well done the story. I gave it 6/10 'cause of my personal dislikes, you might give it a 10/10, considering how many positives are in anime than bad things.

All in all, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose, if anything you have a chance to find yourself a new favorite anime.

Thanks for reading.