Oct 9, 2019
robert788 (All reviews)
Hataraku Maou-sama! (2019)

For a show that is about a demon lord retreating tactically to another world to avoid death and befriending his enemy who has never really met him, it is a really nice show.

As said the enemy per se never met him properly to know his true self. This is important when watching a show like this.

The show itself is very funny and the action scenes are also satisfying albeit a bit short.

The art used in the show is of a very good standard. There are very few times it drops in quality so it is good.

The sound is really good, the OP and ED are both nice throughout.

Characters develop really well throughout with the team. For me, I love the character Suzuno Kamazuki because it is nice to see someone from another world get the information wrong and turn up thinking she is in a different period. Plus her mannerisms make her wonderful as does her disgusted face when she makes it. Maybe I am a masochist, after all, Thanks Anime!

Also if you want a character with a satisfying voice Emeralda Etuva
is the one for you. She has a lazy sort of tired demeanour about her which is quite nice.

Apart from my unusual tendencies which I have picked up the cast is really good to watch and see develop.

The show is a shame it didn't get a season 2 but it is a really enjoyable show to watch.