Oct 9, 2019
TheOldFallen (All reviews)
I really enjoyed this anime but being a late comer I was able to watch the full 12 ep's, 1 being a review ep 5.5, I can understand the poor reviews. While yes the CGI wasn't the greatest in the world not all CGI is going to be prefect so it's bad but not so bad to not watch. Most eps don't have any or very little CGI meaning it shouldn't really be a reason to give the anime a lower score.

I gave this anime a 9 while I really enjoyed it it's not a favorite of mine so I can't give it a 10. While yes it's another isekai anime it does do things just differently enough to make it stand out with it's story. While it has the typical "harem" trope it doesn't come off fully as fan service and more of a comedy then romance past the first few eps.

The tight walk rope the MC has to walk to not take things to far but also be a realist of the situations he is always in make it enjoyable. Without giving spoilers he becoming overpower by human standards which is a normal trope but he doesn't seem to use it to just blast things away or take orders from someone else. The MC feels more like how most people would react in such a situation rather then go an destroy everything and save the day it more about doing what you feel you should do and not whatever is telling you to do.

If your on the fence about this anime i would suggest watching the first 3-5 eps for yourself. Most people seem to disregard this anime because of minor flaws that every anime has. Also the fact that everyone seems to hype anime up before release making it seem worse then what it actually is. I completely disagree with it's current rating of a 6 there are far worse isekai anime out there if you dislike isekai anime then I would suggest staying away as the people who would enjoy this anime have been turned away by people who dislike it based on genre alone.