Nov 9, 2010
Timofmars (All reviews)
This is an ecchi and comedy, two of my favorite genres. However, the humor usually falls flat with me, and the ecchi is rather tame by my standards and doesn't have the situational elements that makes ecchi sexy. And there isn't much else to save the show. The story doesn't really matter much. It serves more as a premise for the 2 "angeloid" girls rather than a key component of most episodes. In other words, it's mostly episodic.

Comedy: The comedy is wild and exaggerated, using gags, slapstick, and parodies. And it's corny. It reminds me a bit of a Looney Toons cartoon. The main male character, Tomoki, is uncontrollably perverted, and the comedy mostly consists of him coming up with plots to see women naked or in panties, and getting beat up in the process. He is shown 90% of the time in chibi form (the small child-like form) with a totally different voice, and almost half of that time he is running around naked. In fact, I almost don't recognize him when he switches back. I just don't find this type of dumb comedy appealing.

Ecchi: I'm a fan of ecchi, but I do find mindless ecchi boring. There needs to be some situational element to make the ecchi sexy and appealing, like a romantic build-up, an awkward situation, or some cuteness. Some of the panty shots involving Sohara early on in the series are quite nice as she shakes her butt around cutely while talking. The brief shot of the girls putting on kimonos was nice too. There was some romance there too, where Sohara developed some affection for the hero as he saved her. But then from about the 4th episode on, any of this romantic/cute ecchi ceases to exist. Instead, it's all brute-force mindless, emotionless ecchi as Tomoki barges in on girls to catch a peek. With no situational element, it's about as sexy as looking at a department store swimsuit catalog.

So with the comedy and ecchi elements being lackluster, and the story being more of background element (and this story being a bit shallow and undeveloped) Sora no Otoshimono fails to deliver. It's watchable as mild entertainment, but I wouldn't regret having not seen it.