Oct 7, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
Love Fever
The story revolves around a guy that chooses his partners based on smell. There's a dude that he hates (because he always wears gross perfume) that delievers things to his workplace but he ends up finding out that he smells great without perfume, giving him reason to sleep with him.
The story evolves pretty quickly (since this is a oneshot) and the characters are very one dimensional and we barely learn anything about them. The love between them feels forced and unnatural. This is enforced by very little dialog and instead using huge unnecessary panels.

The Way We Love
This story works very similar to the previous one.
Guy 1 is interested in Guy 2 based on a single trait (he loves Hollywood actors and western looking people and meets this blond half-japanese), isn't willing to start a relationship at first but gives in rather quickly after being pushed a little.
Again the characters are flat and their relationship evolves to love in a literal matter of hours.

The art is decent but nothing extraordinary.
All in all this is a classic BL manga that will be forgotten after reading it once.