Oct 6, 2019
Hanma_Orochi (All reviews)
FINALLY YAMI SHIBAI IS BACK TO ITS ROOTS ! I found out about that anime a little time ago and in a matter of days i watched all seasons, literally a yami shibai week XD, i absolute loved the idea and especially the execution, this anime is a compilation of short animated histories, so it is quite different than the majority of products we get, and that alone is good, cause it is alwats satisfying to get something fresh and creative in the middle of the season. Yami shibai 7 continues the yellow mask storyteller journey, what i loved about the anime is that even though there is no major plot, as the premise is just the guy telling stories about urban legends and fokloric creatures, the crowd and even the story-teller changes throghout the series, and we understand better what he is or at least it gives us an ideia. I dont wanna spoil anything for you guys, cause it is a very simple anime that reaally deserves your attention, all i have to say is that after some kinda bad seasons, now we got a great one again, i loved every story they told.