Oct 6, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Retelling 24 episodes in a timeframe shorter than episode 1. If that sounds like an impossible feat, you're absolutely right. There's nothing new, enhanced, or special about this recap and it doesn't substitute for watching this first 2 cours. I can't help but wonder why reviewers are putting up scores of 8, 9, or even 10s on a recap episode.

[5] Story - they cut 2 cours into a 24 minute episode, it's not going to substitute for watching the anime, it's not that entertaining imo as to rewatching the entire first 2 cours, and it doesn't add anything new.

[6] Art - no major improvements here, which may be upsetting. I would have liked to see some revisions of blu ray quality or even redrawn scenes for a recap airing on SAO's 10th anniversary year, but alas nothing new.

[9] Sound - Alicization has good ost's. They're not going to make a new soundtrack just for a recap so same as Alicization.

[9] Character - Same old characters, nothing new, just scenes cut into a 24 min recap.

[6] Enjoyment - Not sure what you're expecting from a recap that's shorter than the first episode. You really can't get much excitement out of a recap that doesn't do something incredibly unique or creative.

This recap episode may be for you, if you enjoyed the first 2 cours of Alicization and don't rewatch anime. Perhaps if SAO isn't the only media you consume and you don't memorize the sequence of events and key story elements, this can be helpful in enhancing your War of Underworld Experience. But it is most definitely not a 9 or an 8. Again, this will not substitute for watching the first 2 cours of Alicization.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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