Oct 6, 2019
Electrocute4u (All reviews)
I sincerely hope people won't blindly vote negatively on this next chapter of SAO III just because of its title and the fact its "SAO".

Everything that has happened in Part 1 of the story so far, has led up to an interesting point.

This recap was made in a way that even if you weren't really into part 1, you definitely got a good overview of the most important key scenes and see a summarized version leading up to the next chapter of the story.

I do sincerely hope they don't milk content as they did for a few episodes in Part 1, where they basically were pointless.
And no, I did not hate those, because even tho they were pointless, I still enjoyed them nonetheless.

Well, I am excited to see what end awaits Kirito and the others.