Oct 5, 2019
HeroVladimir93 (All reviews)
Battle in Nagoya, much like the first season of Seraph of the End, included a series of extra gags in its home video release. They're mostly comedy-based and only exist to deliver a light-hearted feel to an otherwise dark and gritty series. That said, are they good? Well, let's hop on and find out!

These shorts feature comedic variations of scenes from Battle in Nagoya. The only major difference is that instead of using Yuuichirou as the sole butt-monkey, this season switches targets and isn't afraid of using other characters for comedy. Much like the first season, the gags in this season aren't bad, but they aren't something to write home about either. They're just good enough. (7/10)

It feels refreshing to see characters from an otherwise dark and serious show experience some comedic moments every once in a while. (8/10)

The shorts are rather cheaply made and just reuse shots from Battle in Nagoya. That said, Battle in Nagoya's visual quality is so good that there wasn't much to screw up here. (8/10)

Since I watched the first season in English, it feels refreshing to listen to the original voice actors, especially when some of my personal favorites, like Kaito Ishikawa, Saori Hayami and Aya frickin' Endou, partake in this series. I'm starting get a bit fond of Miyu Irino, but I still prefer Micah Solusod's performances as Yuu. (8/10)

Battle in Nagoya wasn't just a step in the right direction for Seraph of the End, it was a sprint, so it's stands to reason that these shorts are funnier and more enjoyable than those attached to the first season. It's nice to see that Seraph of the End isn't afraid of poking fun of itself and bring some much-needed light-heartedness to such a dark and bleak atmosphere. (8/10)