Oct 5, 2019
1cherrybomb1 (All reviews)
Layers of Fear is an amazing horror manga. It's one of the scariest mangas I've read by master writer Junji Ito himself, and that's a lot to say considering he is one of the best (if not the best) horror manga writers and illustrators of this age. It's a really mesmerizing experience of seeing the imposible unfold, it's a surprise box of creepiness. And this is not like usual horror media, with jumpscare, the horror is the unknown and not knowing the answer to questions. And when these questions are answered, getting a horrible horrible image stuck in your head. Seriously the ending of this story still has me shivering. The art is terrific as expected (in both amazing and horror sense) and the way the story unfolds is really good as well. The characters are exaggerated as always in Ito's work, but it works. Amazing manga.
I give Kyoufu no Juusou a 9/10