Oct 1, 2019
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
It's always a mysterious thing to me that this franchise, Yami Shibai - last this long. 7 seasons long means 91 different ghost stories. With that amount of material, no wonder why the 7th installment of Yami Shibai fell flat on its ass.

On the paper, Yami Shibai sounds great. What can be more simple than some folklore ghost stories to fill the run time of 5 minutes? Except when you actually got to see it then you realize, these aren't ghost stories. I don't know if these can even be considered stories. It feels like some jokes anyone can make up where ever they go. Omg, that's an abandoned building, there must be some kinds of ghosts there, oh here's an empty shop, some devils must be trolling around, ... Sometimes, those stories aren't a bit scary, just ridiculously bad.

Though Yami Shibai might last longer, even til season 10. I'd like it to end as soon as possible.