Oct 1, 2019
Ota-kun-63 (All reviews)
I'm not a yuri adept.
Indeed, it's the first time I've read a yuri.
I had watched one yuri named Sakura Trick, which I found cute but limited. After that first experience with yuri, I was hoping to find one which would be something more than just cute. And I've found it with Yagate Kimi ni Naru.


The basis of the story is quite basic and might not be the main asset of Yagate Kimi ni Naru.
The main character, Yuu Koito, seems unable to fall in love. She meets a senpai, Nanami Touko, who is very popular but rejects systematically everyone who confesses to her. In spite of this, Nanami gets a crush on Yuu...

Unrealistic as it may appear at first, the relationship between Nanami and Yuu slowly evolves into a complex but also a more and more realistic relationship.

The story really outstands when it comes to existential questionings like what does it mean to love ; or to identity questions like what difference (or even gap) there can be between how we appear to others and what we are deep in us.
The answers to these questions are often doubtful here, but some of them are interesting. What's more, it shows the points of view of the characters, which really makes it realistic.

ART : 8

At first sight, the art can seem quite average. There's nothing really original about it.
Nevertheless, the kiss scenes are really outstanding with sometimes improbable angles.

Moreover, the cutting is excellent. By small gestures, the author manages to vehicle strong emotions. It made me read it in a state where I was in a mood for love.


As I said before, the premises of the story are quite basic, which makes the characters appear to be artificial at first.
However, as the story evolves, the characters are doubting their previous convictions and progressively change their way of thinking and of seeing things.

Nanami Touko is not the main character but is the center of the story. She's beginning to doubt her actions and even ends up not knowing who she is at some point of the story.


This manga is really entertaining for its cuteness and its sweetness. But that's not all. You'll also want to know what will become of Nanami Touko who is losing herself and what will become of her relationship with her kouhai Yuu Koito.


What stands out in Yagate Kimi ni Naru is the way love appears really sweet, which contrasts with the existential questions that are pregnant here.

As a conclusion, that you are familiar with yuri or not really doesn't matter here. This manga can be read by anyone and can be enjoyable for various reasons regarding your sensibilities.