Sep 30, 2019
RookieQueenOtaku (All reviews)
I really enjoyed Elfen Lied. The story was fascinating, and wove together really well, giving you no background information at the beginning, and letting you in on little pieces of information at a time. It's also very suspenseful because you know things that the main character does not, and the tension rises as he comes closer and closer to discovering it. There are not as many episodes as I would have liked, it was very short and that was sad to me, but overall it was a very good story. I would not recommend watching this to anyone under the age of 18, it's rated R for a very good reason. There is swearing, very disturbing and graphic content, and a lot of nudity. In the first 5 minutes of the first episode alone, many people have their heads ripped off, are graphically cut to pieces, and there's a completely naked lady. If that's something you can handle, the story is very good and very heartbreaking. It really provokes you to think about how people treat each other just because we're different and what that does to people. It also really made me think about how just because people are children doesn't make them innocent. Often people assume that because they are children they can't do much harm or don't have evil or demonic intentions, but it's not always the case. It was heartbreaking and truthful, but I can't fully recommend it because of the language and the graphics. It was a very good plot though.